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WebDAV support

On Thu, 29 Oct 2009 18:37:40 -0500, rconn <> was
claimed to have wrote:

>> Would it be possible to add WebDAV support to the wishlist for a future
>> release?
>---End Quote---
>It's already on the suggestion list. It would have higher priority if
>somebody had a specific use for it, and included sample syntax! :-)

I'll try and put something together for you. I'm starting to use WebDAV
internally for publishing certain types of content, more or less as a
replacement for FTP when client software either doesn't support FTP or
there is a possibility of non-FTP-friendly firewalls in action.

>From a command line point of view my initial usage would be more in
testing WebDAV servers when I'm having issues getting other software to
work, although depending on how well this works across the board I might
look into replacing all of my scripted FTP with WebDAV.

As far as sample syntaxes and whatnot, I'll do a bit of digging and see
what I can find, I really don't know a ton about WebDAV yet, beyond that
I've got several apps that publish via WebDAV and that it simplifies a
few things that FTP makes difficult.

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