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Python support for 3.8.3 in TCC v26.x?


On my system ...

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 [18363.836] [1909] TCC 26.01.39 x64
Python 3.8.3 x64 (release) in path: c:\Program Files\Python38

I activated the Python Skript in the options for TCMD and TCC. But it doesen't load the interpreter related to this help text:


However, I have a shortcut for .py suffix and can run a python skript just with filename.py, then it loads the interpreter in background (python38.dll) and the skript is successfully executed (I can see the python DLL module is loaded then).

But why does it not load automatically after TCC start, as described in help? Is that because the newest release 3.8.3 isn't supported (yet) (because it supports 3.8 and not 3.8.3)?
TCC will not attempt to load Python38.dll until you call a Python file (or @python variable function).

TCC calls the Windows LoadLibrary API to load python38.dll (which is the same for all versions of Python 3.8.x). If your Python 3.8 installation isn't in the PATH environment variable in TCC, TCC won't be able to find it.

Are you getting an error message that the Python dll could not be loaded?
Hello Rex

I misunderstood that, sorry. I thought, it should load it with TCC start itself. It loads it perfectly fine. Sorry for the noise and thanks for fast clarification!

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