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Switches for File Selection

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Many of the file processing commands (ATTRIB, COPY, DEL, DESCRIBE, HEAD, MOVE, REN, TAIL, TYPE, etc.) support several standard switches for selecting files to process. Be sure to see the individual commands for details on which switches are supported for each command and how they work, and for additional switches specific to each command. Make sure that any range selections precede the options below in the command line.


The common file selection switches include:



Select files based on their attributes, for example /A:RH selects files which have the read-only and hidden attributes set. See Attribute Switches for details; see File Attributes for more information on attributes.



Don't actually process any files. This allows you to test what the results of a command would be, without actually performing the operation.



Prompt for confirmation of each file.



Process files in the current directory and all of its subdirectories.