Upgrading Your Windows CMD Command Prompt Commands

Time to replace your old Windows CMD command prompt!

Take Command is a comprehensive interactive GUI and command line toolset that makes using your command prompt commands easier and far more powerful. Take Command includes optional Windows Explorer integration, tabbed console windows, major enhancements to standard CMD commands such as COPY, DIR, MOVE and REN, 215+ internal commands, superior command line editing and cut and paste options, and thousands of other features -- including the best file viewer available for Windows.

In addition, Take Command is a powerful batch file programming tool, featuring an integrated IDE with a sophisticated editor and batch debugger. Take Command includes extensions such as regular expressions, DO loops, error and exception handling, SWITCH statements, subroutines, system monitoring, internal FTP and HTTP support (including SSL), more than 640 built-in variables and functions, and a wide range of third-party plugins.


Take Command Prompt Windows and Batch Files Introductory Video
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