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MOVE command over FTP with 4NT 5.00U


Using 4NT 5.00U, Build 130

Was there a problem with using 4NT's MOVE over a FTP connection?

I have just been tracing a file that was MOVE'd from a FTP site to a directory on the hard disk. Yet afterwards, there was no file on the hard disk. It got to the point where the FTP servers logs were examined and I could see 4NT 5.00U issuing CWD commands, then some type of sent command and finally a DELE command. That last FTP command can only occur, surely, if 4NT thinks it has definitely created the file and it exists.
Yet, examining different logs shows that no such file existed.

Colleagues of mine are urging me to

(i) Add /v (VERIFY). But from what I have read - this does nothing.
Is that true for MOVE and FTP?

(ii) Do some form of logging. I can certainly make use of 4NT's LOG command. But what would be achieved? Even if we learnt that 4NT 5.00U issued some type of error message and carried on with other batch file commands, it would not tell us where to go.

All the MOVEs have /e /z.
All filepatterns have double quotes round them.

(iii) Is there any other MOVE switch I should add? subtract?

I am thinking of persuading work to upgrade to TCC, but the only point in doing so is if it is known problem in 4NT 5.00U fixed in later versions.

(iv) Of course I realise that Windows API's may lie to 4NT, saying the file was created fine, 4NT deletes the file since the MOVE completed and at that point your in trouble.


Stephen Howe

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