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TCC is now starting inside Windows 11 PowerShell

I have two Windows 11 computers with TCC 27 installed. On my main development computer, TCC 27 starts in its own window. On the other computer, TCC starts inside a Windows PowerShell (see the attached image).

How can I fix the second computer so that TCC starts in its own window instead of within PowerShell?

Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
OS build 22621.675

NOTE: the problem showed up with TCC LE, so I thought I would try TCC 27 to see if it made any difference. It did not.


  • WindowsTerminal_2022-10-18_05-37-02.png
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That's a new feature of Windows 11 22H2 to open any console app inside Windows Terminal (like the file name says, and is not PowerShell (but it will too)) by default. I'm not in front of a computer right now, but you can probably search Windows' Settings app for mention of "console" and find the setting to disable that feature.
Personally, I like Windows Terminal and have my computer(s) setup to use it by default. To each his own.
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