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Windows icons blink off then on at tcmd startup and exit

I just updated to version 29. When starting TCMD the windows screen icons and taskbar blink off then on when starting up, and again when exiting the program. This does not occur when I start version 28, but does occur when starting other earlier versions. When installing the TCC/TCMD I have always left the old versions in place as the installer doesn't remove them. Do I need to uninstall/delete and de-register all the old versions before doing a fresh install of the new version? This is not a problem I remember having before.

Louis V.
Redding, CA
I was able to correct this behavior in version 29. I have been unable to correct it in versions 30-32. I can find no differences in display settings between windows system explorer and take command. I have and will continue to use version 29, since it does not exhibit the flash/blink screen issue. Any help would be appreciated.
[FOX] Ultimate Translator