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How to? TCC 29 slow switching between tab windows.

When I set up multiple TCC windows using Ctrl-t or some other method, takes much longer (2 - 3 seconds) to switch windows than on TCC 28. Is this a known behavior and will it speed up in the future?

Thanks - K1EA
Not reproducible here on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 [19045.2546] [22H2] [de-CH] TCMD 29.00.17 x64 ...

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Thanks. I'm running Windows 11 on a big machine (20 core, 4.5 GHz). This could easily be a windows problem because windows received some updates around the same time. This is irritating, but not a showstopper.
Thanks Rex. Ctrl-T is very fast, it's just clicking on other tabs that is slow. Mostly I wanted to know if others had run into this, and how they worked around it.

I upgraded from TCMD28 and TCC28 to TCMD29 and TCC29, but switching tabs is still slow. This isn't worth anybody's time, so let's close it.

thanks - Ken
It seemed like I had the same problem with switching tabs on TCMD v28 on Windows 10 Pro. I don't seem to have that problem on Windows 11 with either v28 or v29, but I'm having a different problem (see post about Take Command crashing under Windows 11).
I don't use Take Command. I have been using TCC since it was 4DOS, but these days I run TCC in Windows Terminal. If you haven't tried Windows Terminal, you should give it a try.
I installed Windows Terminal -- and it seems pretty good. At least tab switching is fast like I was used to. Like you, I started with 4DOS, later 4NT, in the early 90s. I even have the spiral bound manual around here somewhere.

I may try Windows Terminal and tcc for a month but would rather use tcmd/tcc as a one vendor solution. I often have 5 to 10 tabs open in as many directories and switch between them often so a one second delay is noticeable, but not a show stopper.
I didn't know that. Last I knew (years ago), was that we shouldn't set COMSPEC to tcc because of incompatibility problems in programs other than tcc.
COMSPEC is a red herring. The time to change tabs is proportional to the number of tabs jumped. For example, if I have 10 tabs open the time to jump from tab1 to tab10 is much longer than from tab9 to tab10.
Damn, I wish I was slower with the enter key. The time to change from any tab to any tab gets longer with the total number of tabs open.

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