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Declined File descriptions for Explorer etc.

We have the possibility to describe files

1) using the old descript.ion files
2) using the new NTFS alternate data streams.

The content of these data streams isn't helpful in any other file manager like Explorer etc. because their content isn't shown.

Using Explorer, I see file descriptions for most of the TCMD files in the JPSOFT dir in a field called "File descriptions" (surprise!) which can be added to the default Explorer view.

Why can't TCC use this field (tag?) for the descriptions? I propose you add this as a third alternative to TCC.

A means of migrating existig descriptions between these possible stores might come in handy, too.
You need some method really, of converting things like descriptions stored as EAs to .ION files etc.

If you roll data from a directory to a compact disk, the EAs are lost, but the .ION stuff would be preserved.

Maybe even something like rolling descriptions to a batch file, which could be zipped etc.

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