Done File exclusion ranges, additional orderng and reporting options

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
All commands processing file wildcards
It would be useful to allow multiple file exclusion lists, e.g.:

dir/[!descript.ion]/a:/p/[! *.xxx *.yyy]

The primary use would be during alias expansion, e.g.:

alias dr=`*dir/[!descript.ion]/a:/p`
dr /[! *.xxx *.yyy]

In fact, allowing just one exclusion list in an alias and an additional one
when the alias is expanded would by itself be a great help.

Ultimately, of course, one might want for each selection / exclusion type
(name, date, size, etc.) a full set of logical operators to combine multiple
ranges, e.g., to select files whose size is in any one of a specific set of

PDIR enhancements
It would be useful to be able to provide a range or list of ranges for each
reporting field, as specified in the /(...) option, e.g.: /O-r2r4-r0 would
make the field 2 the primary key in descending order, field 4 the secondary
key in ascending order, and field 0 the tertiary key in descending order.
This sorting order would require that sorting would be for all reported
files across all paths, thus requiring either "insertion sort", or
collecting all reports before sorting is started.

It would be useful to allow selection (inclusion/exclusion) ranges based on
reporting fields, e.g. /[F5 min,max] to report only if field 5 is within the
min,max range, or /![F5 min,max] to exclude files if field 5 is within the
min,max range.

It would be useful to allow applying a report field width specification to
file sizes. When one knows that the largest file in a report is less than
1,000 bytes, it is unnecessary to dedicate 15 columns to 3 columns of
information. Conformance with CMD.EXE is irrelevant in PDIR - it has no
equivalent in CMD.EXE.
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