Declined Help File "See Also"

It would be great to see consistency in the Help file.

For example, the ECHO command has a "see also the commands" section, with links to the commands related to ECHO.

Another example, the @WORD function has a "see also" section, with links to the functions related to @WORD.

For the @PID function, there is no "see also" section, although the @PIDCOMMAND, @PIDUSER and @PPID function are also related to the @PID function.

For the @UUDECODE function, there is no "see also" section, although the @UUENCODE function is related.

Also, the @UUENCODE function has no "see also" section, although the @UUDECODE function is related.

The list goes on.

It would also be great to have a link to the Category for the commands/variables/functions, for example, have a "see also Category" for @WORD to "Strings and Characters Functions" Category, and _month could have a link to the "Dates and times" Category, etc.

Again, it would be great to see consistency in the Help file, that is, a "see also" section for commands/variables/functions that are related to commands/variables/functions.



Staff member
May 14, 2008
There's already a page where all functions are categorized. There's just no way to reach it easily.

I know - but adding a reference to the functions page requires me to edit 380 other pages. Add the commands and variables, and you've got another 500+ pages. And it can't be cut & paste, because it has to reference the appropriate category.
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