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WAD File-popup Window nearly empty

On Windows 8.1 64 bit I have a strange problem (V 16.03.51, 64 bit). When I call the file popup window with [F7], I can see only the first line of the list. When I go down with [arrow down] the lines appear line by line. When I go to the end of the list with [End] the lines between the current line and the last line remain blank, the last line ist displayed - the lines are only displayed after having been the cursor line.

When I click in the entry field in the popup window (above the list) or enter that field with [TAB], all lines appear immediately.

The command history popup displays all lines as expected.

The problem is not present on Window 7 64 bit.

How canI get the files displayed immediately after pressin [F7]?

Best greetings from Germany,

I doubt it's a bug (and this code hasn't changed in a long time). The popup window size is determined by the PopupWinTop, PopupWinLeft, PopupWinHeight, and PopupWinWidth values in your TCMD.INI. You probably have an old TCMD.INI with the obsolete row/column settings instead of the newer pixel position settings. (This was changed several years ago.)

Open your TCMD.INI in a text editor and remove those lines. TCMD will recreate them with the default window sizes the next time you start.
Is the issue that the popup window is too small, or is it that lines are invisible until they are redrawn -- say, by moving the cursor?

Does the computer with this problem have an Intel video chipset, by any chance?
The problem is not the size of the window. The missing lines and icons would have enough room, but they are not visible until they are redrawn (as if displayed white on white).

The base computer is a Lenovo W520 notebook. The problem exists on a vmware virtual machine. The base machine is Windows 7 64bit (no popup-window-problem). I have tested it on a virtual Windows 7 32 bit machine (no popup-window-problem) and the virtual Windows 8.1 64 bit machine (with the popup-window-problem). So it seems for me to come with Windows 8.1. The virtual machine with the problem has the standard virtual vmware video card (which works with Win 7, but not with Win 8.1), the base machine that Lenovo construction with two parallel cards for one screen.

[ Intel(R) HD Graphics Family ]
Video Adapter Eigenschaften:
Gerätebeschreibung Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Adapterserie Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
BIOS Version Intel Video BIOS
Chiptyp Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

[ NVIDIA Quadro 2000M ]
Video Adapter Eigenschaften:
Gerätebeschreibung NVIDIA Quadro 2000M
Adapterserie Quadro 2000M
BIOS Version Version
Chiptyp Quadro 2000M
DAC Typ Integrated RAMDAC

Best greetings from Hannover in Germany,

Well, if this were a physical machine, I would tend to suspect the video driver. But I'm not familiar with VMWare. If the video driver has acceleration settings you can change, that might be worth experimenting with.... But this is just wild guesswork on my part.
This can't be a TCMD / TCC bug -- TCC just uses a Windows API to write the text to the popup windows. (And it's the same API in all popup windows, and in all versions of Windows.)

I agree with Charles that this is likely to be a video driver problem (or possibly a screen manager bug, if you're running one).

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