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Oct 18, 2008
Hello is move /g not working? I was moving file from one drive to another (not the same drive) I don't see the percent completed info
Oct 18, 2008
umm .... same "system" ... I was moving a file from a internal "physical" disk to a external "physical" disk ... can the
system do a rename on that? I thought that a rename was only if the drive letter was the same?


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May 14, 2008
umm .... same "system" ... I was moving a file from a internal "physical" disk to a external "physical" disk ... can the
system do a rename on that? I thought that a rename was only if the drive letter was the same?

Renames can work across disks (but not across networks). If Windows has to do a copy, you'll see the /G results (albeit perhaps only momentarily if it's a fast transfer).
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
From HELP (April 09, 2013) -> TCC -> Commands -> RENAME (emphasis added):
REN lets you change the name of a file or a subdirectory, or move one or more files to a new subdirectory on the same drive. (If you want to move files to a different drive, use MOVE.)

From HELP (April 09, 2013) -> TCC -> Commands -> MOVE:
Note: MOVE is a complex command. When source and destination are on the same volume and the destination doesn't exist, it's equivalent to a simple REN, but when the destination exists or two volumes are involved, it becomes a two-step command: a COPY to the target followed, if successful, by a DEL of the source. In this topic, references to "move" may apply to the entire process or only to one of the above steps specifically depending on context

According to MOVE's help page, intervolume move always requires COPY followed by DELETE. Obviously the physical moving of the file's data from one volume to another requires copying it first, followed by deleting the original. If Microsoft now provides a single API call to either move the data or to rename it intervolume (but restricted to local source and destination volumes) and both the MOVE and the RENAME commands in TCC use it, the quoted HELP paragraphs need to be modified. In particular, what happens when a network drive is mapped to a local volume, or even mounted as a subdirectory on a local volume?
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