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Move takecommand.18.0.key location to installation directory

Since 18 (when the key is no longer stored in the Registry) the registration process looks for the now used file "takecommand.18.0.key" in the "c:\programdata\jp software" directory, which is quite a mess if you - like me - like to keep all files in one place (i.e. the installation directory).
Do you see a chance to move the file's location?
No. Since most people install in "\Program Files", putting the key file there would ensure that nobody could register unless they were running an elevated session - and many people are blocked from doing that by Windows policies set up by their system administrators. (Not to mention that it's a big no-no for Microsoft Windows certification.)
Should I have a .KEY file (having registered during the private beta)? I don't. How do I get one?
Could you at least check (additionally) for the corresponding file in the installation directory? So that, when I move the file manually, I won't get an error?

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