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MOVE and Prompt on overwrite


Scott Mintz
I have COPY Prompt on Overwrite set true. I can use COPY /Y to force an overwrite. However, there doesn't appear to be an equivalent switch for the MOVE command. I don't see a switch to suppress the prompt with MOVE.
But I have enabled the configuration option "Copy Prompt on Overwrite" ("CopyPrompt=Yes" in TCMD.INI) (and I have to let it activated) which seems valid for move too. There should be also a possibility (switch) to suppress the prompt for the move command IMHO.
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That COPY option is solely for CMD compatibility. MOVE does not have an equivalent, because it will only prompt you if you specify the /P option.
Not true.
alias RTRUNCATE=`HEAD /N+1 /N 999999 %1 > %1.tmp & MOVE %1.tmp %1`

$ rtruncate "km parms.txt"
S:\LNX\Platform\Common\Utilities\DWC_tRoot_Firmware\km parms.txt.tmp ->! S:\LNX\Platform\Common\Utilities\DWC_tRoot_Firmware\km parms.txt (Replace) (Y/N/A/R)? Y
     1 file moved

I am running V24.0.24.

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