junction copy/move handling

Dec 10, 2014
When using copy or move on a directory tree containing ntfs directory junctions, these are "de-juntionized" and either empty dirs are created (move) or containing files are duplicated (copy).

Either I'm missing something here, or there's room for improvement: At least output an error message, or (proper behavior) re-create the junction where the directory tree is copied/moved to.

touch /cs source\test\test.txt
junction source\bug source\test
copy /sy /md source\* copied
move /sy /md source\* moved
Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
Sorry, Rex and juppycmd, for the "side-question" ...

Exactly for such things, it would be so great to have the COMPLETE help also in command line. I had wrote a feature request "long time ago".

Is this really not possible - and if not, why?

Kind regards!


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Why would that be of any benefit?

The so-called "quick help" is:

1) a lot more keystrokes than F1;
2) will scroll off the current console page for many commands (including COPY and MOVE);
3) in order to be comprehensive & comprehensible has to be expanded probably at least 5x from the current text;
4) has to be translated into multiple languages, and reformatted manually (in all languages) whenever an option is added.
5) 3 + 4 together would be several months of work -- would you rather have a new version with 200+ new features, or a new version with only new quick help that wasn't usable anyway because of 1 + 2?
Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
Okay, Rex, I see the point(s) NOW.

I have actually change my habit. I come originally from text-oriented Operating Systems such as NCR ITX or Unix System V in console mode. Somehow I have this behavior never changed ... even for the real TC help, I typed always "help command" ...

Indeed, F1 is much smarter!

I also understand the other arguments and have to agree.

Thanks for your posting!
Dec 10, 2014
You're missing something -- see the /L and /LD options for COPY (and /LD for MOVE).

Thanks, the reason for me not seeing this is that these options are only in the .chm help file, and not in the copy /? or move /? quick help (yet) ... so it'd be nice to have them amended in case other people rely on the /? list to be complete.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Thanks, the reason for me not seeing this is that these options are only in the .chm help file, and not in the copy /? or move /? quick help (yet) ... so it'd be nice to have them amended in case other people rely on the /? list to be complete.

See my previous comment above on why that's not going to happen.
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