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Output continues after Ctrl-Break

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but it didn't used to be like this, that's for sure. Not in the 80's, 90's, or 00's.

But nowadays in the 10's, it seems -- if I type a file to the console, and then realize it's longer than I expect, and hit ^C (usually Ctrl-Break, actually) ....

The output keeps continuing. There's nothing I can do to stop it. I may or may not have a prompt buried underneath all that output, but it keeps going. It even slows me down and makes it hard for me to alt-tab out of the window. And I have a pretty awesome machine*.

Part of what makes it worse is that it seems with my latest machine, text is very slow to display and scroll. This is despite a major upgrade to a new computer where every part is 7 years newer. But I'm also running 3 60Hz screens in 1080p, so there's that.

At this point, a command like "Dir /s" can end up being a window-killer for me, because I can't abort the slowly scrolling text.

I love you guys.

* Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3GHz with an Arctic Freezer I30 cooler on a ASRock X99 WS EATX motherboard with 24G of Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400mHz RAM, a Radeon R9 270 video card, and a Crucial M500 240GB M.2 SSD...all inside a massive NZXT Phantom 820 case.
What OS? Which JPSoft product ... and its version? If the product is TCMD, then which Ctrl key is sent to the tab (TCC) is configurable.
Windows 7. TCMD 12.x on that machine. It's not a reconfigured key. It is still sent. The output is still broken. It's simply buffered all the way to the end of the file so it keeps hitting STDOUT even as the prompt is typically returned to me (but not visible due to being overwritten by the buffered STDOUT output). It's universal for anything that uses STDOUT. Pretty much renders type/cat, dir /s (in a larger folder, like, say, an mp3 collection) useless out of fear that you won't be able to get your window back anytime soon. I end up having to use the X on the upper right of the window to close it.
I actually don't use the tabs. I'm sorry I didn't catch what was meant by tab when it was first mentioned in this discussion, but I didn't know that's what they were talking about because I never use tabs. My control keys work. I use them a lot. No key is mapped. I mentioned that already.

Strangely, I just tried it out and it didn't happen. That's a first. This has been going on for a long time. So perhaps this only happens after some other program is run. So perhaps some 3rd party program I use somehow breaks the command-line "a little bit". I'll try to test out the situation more often and see if I can isolate it.
I've also been getting errors where the enter key doesn't work. It works fine. I walk away. I come back. It doesn't work. Every other key works. The enter key simply produces a beep. I have to re-open a new window. All this happened when I upgraded from 5.x to 12.x, but hey, what are we up to 18.x now? I guess I'll try upgrading.
The enter key thing was user error - apparently, after hitting Windows-D to peek at desktop, and hitting it again to restore - in my case, focus granted to the TCC is not enough for typing to reach it. I must actually alt-tab back into it - mouse-clicking it is no longer good enough. Of course, I'm running "Actual Window Manager" to make 4-monitor life easier, and it may be affecting things. I should test that out sometime.

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