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How to? Set up a log file for all command output

Using the excellent TEE command, one can direct the output from a given command to a file, in addition to having it displayed on the console.

I'm wondering, though, if there is any way to setup TCC such that it will dump all output for the entire session into a text file. That is: is there any way to configure TCC to dump all command line output to a file as it is output?
Yeah, I'd like the same thing, like the script command in *nix. I know of two plugins that will help you some, although they don't log on the fly. The Snapshot and HTMLDump plugins will output your console buffer into a file.
The auto-save on-the-fly logging is a feature that I remember from Powercmd. The thing is, on Rex's comparison page between PowerCmd and TCC, he specifically states that TCC has autosave logging just like Powercmd.

The comparison page is here (auto-save logging is #8 in the feature list comparison):

Although PowerCmd is inferior to TCC in virtually every other way, as Rex clearly shows on the aforementioned page, regarding this feature the PowerCmd guys actually did a good job. Their autosave logging dialog allows the user to customize the names given to the log files with specific date & time formats. Also, PowerCmd simultaneously saves separate log files for each of the open consoles. Here's an image of the PowerCmd dialog for this feature:


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