How to? receive email notification of posts I add

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Is it possible to receive email notification for all messages I post in the forums - not just replies to any messages I post? If so - how can I activate this behavior please?
Apr 13, 2010
The Hague
For a notification of a successful posting (more a confirmation, really) or notifications of postings to threads "watched" by you: the forum software apparantly doesn't have that.

For a historical overview of your postings, the info is there, it's just not mailed to you.

If this is important enough that you would be willing to spend several hours solving each, than consider these solutions. The effort of logging into the forum can be reduced to a single keystrike or even a timed event by using an extra tool. E.g. the confirmation can be made by triggering a macro that makes a just-in-time copy of the screen or copies the text of your message. You determine where and how to store it. Logging in, and afterwards navigating to the overview and saving the info to your machine should be just as scriptable (or record and play), after which you can filter the relevant parts out of your download...

Doesn't it seem like a lot of work to you too?

Cheers, DJ.