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How to? Receive notice of new forums automatically

I am one of those who does not like browsing, and receives most posts by email. I only browse the What's New? topic with any regularity. Apparently two new forums were created recently (CMD and PowerShell). I do not recall any notification outside of the new forums. What's New? displays the actual posts in the new forums, but if you only look at the large font display of the post's title, and click on the button to display the thread, the fact it is in a new forum is not at all obvious. Since I had not known of the existence of the new forum, I could not have requested notification, so I would have the posts in my own private repository.

Another problem: I tried to add the new forums to my notification lists. Could not find the notification lists anywhere! HOW DO I UPDATE MY NOTIFICATION PREFERENCES?
I did find a way to update my notification list, though it is quite convoluted. You select Watched Forums, which - contrary its title - displays all forums, with their current notification status, and allows you to select those whose status you want to change, and the new status for them. Unfortunately if not satisfied with the defaults for what event should trigger notification, and how to notify, you have to do it in two steps, and selections are not preserved...

What I would like is a user selectable default for new forums, so I don't lose notifications. According to XenForo's own user forums, they only respond to change requests made by paying customers. For this set of forums, that's JP Software. Rex, could you please do us a favor and submit the change request to XenForo?
[FOX] Ultimate Translator