About window size notification

Dec 9, 2019
The values are different:

You are: return the size of the window buffer. (Screen Buffer Size)
Correctly: return the size of the displayed window in characters. (Window Size)

Could you consider a change?

Nobuhiro Takasaki
Dec 9, 2019
In Take Command v25:
The size of the buffer and the size of the window are confused.
When the window size is queried from the program, it is answered that it is 5000 lines long. This is strange.

Parameters that return incorrect values for programming are unknown strings that end with dwSize above.
This is a problem for the applications I work on.

Nobuhiro Takasaki
Dec 9, 2019
I used WINDOW_BUFFER_SIZE_EVENT obtained by ReadConsoleInput() Win32 API.

Nobuhiro Takasaki
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