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Set path permanently from within TCC?


First of all, congrats for TC 27. While I was perfectly happy with TC26, I upgraded to support further development and am actually very happy with the performance improvements of TC27 (I have a slow disk in my current machine, so the speed-up really is noticeable). Excellent work!

I consider myself a beginner on TC, still barely scraped the surface, so please bear with me.

Is it possible to store the current path permanently (so that the path, as set in the current instance of TCC, is persisted to the registry (did not really do my research, but I guess it's stored there) from within TCC?

I hate having to switch to Windows 10 Start > Settings > Search on "path" > Click "Environment Settings..." > Find system variable PATH... and edit it there and wondered if TCC could help in doing this directly from the command-line (or if I should find an external Windows utility and/or maybe just an internal Win 10 command that I missed to do the same).

I understand the dangers and suspect it's easier said than done and that Admin Privileges would be required for adjusting the System Path, but I figured asking would not hurt.

Best regards, Vincent
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I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but I set the path in my tcstart.btm. This sets it for TCC. Actually, I do

iff %_pipe == 0 .and. %_ide == 0 then
*path ...

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