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How to? Trying to create TCC shortcut that opens with blue background (on Windows 8.1 x64)

Could someone who is running the 64-bit version of TCC (TCC 16.03.55), please try to create a desktop shortcut that opens TCC (not TCMD) in a window with a blue background? (I am on Windows 8.1) I have done this successfully for every prior version of TCC, but am unable to do it with this version. If you can make it work, please share the steps. I have tried several methods and it always comes up black.

(Note: Could this problem be due to the same bug I shared earlier where I am unable to change the color in the Console Palette dialog?)

Thanks for any help.

Greg Wells

The black background is most likely a Windows default that may be settable elsewhere within Windows. Not sure if, how or where.

Try *cls /s bri green on blue which is what I use.

I know this isn't at startup but it gets me a blue background.

I actual have this as an alias for cls since that is my preference.

You could try adding *cls /s green on blue to the end of your shortcuts' target under the shortcut properties.

Neither of these methods is sticky, so once you scroll past the initial console window the background will be black.
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