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TCC finicky with external keystroke apps?

I've created a set of complex batch files that often times take a complex set of parameters which I tend to forget a lot. Rather than always looking them up, I've been trying to fiddle with a database of these commands and a button on each db record that will send the command line to an open TC window.

I've been using NirSoft's NirCMD.exe utility to activate the TC window and then trying to use its sendkey and sendkeypress functions to send the command line from the DB to the TC window. The window activates and pulls to the foreground just fine but TC doesn't like accepting any emulated keystrokes from the NirCMD or from a similar util called sendwkey_64.exe. I've also had trouble with getting TC to accept emulated ctrl-V actions from a clipboard manager I use called "Clip Cache". Only a physical press on the keyboard seems to work for pasting.

I know the DB scripting is working because if I switch to activating a notepad window, the keystrokes or clipboard paste actions dump into the text editor just fine. I just can't get TC to accept the keystrokes.

Anyone try anything like this before and have suggestions?
I think I've isolated the cause of the inability to interact with the TCC window with the keystroke apps I'm trying. I believe these are 32 bit apps and they cannot interact with 64 bit apps. I tried interacting with a 64 bit version of Notepad++ and they would not dump text into it like they won't with TCC. However, they can interact the 32 bit version of Notepad++.

I'm going to try and spawn a 2nd TCC window with a /c and a keystack command to dump text into the primary TCC window.
Well sonofagun.... It isn't 32 bit vs. 64 bit afterall. It's windows launched with Admin privilege that can't be interacted with by the keystroke apps. Same issue happens when I launch Notepad++ with Admin priv. I guess I'll just have to learn to use non-privileged windows when I want to use my command line launcher database.

Rex, you might put a blurb about that in the help section for keystack. Might help some others dealing with the frustration of not realizing why it doesn't work on some windows.

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