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[Bug?] View (V) Prefs Error (TC 18.00.27 x64)

I would like to enter the preferences in View (V) program. This is not possible - I receive an error message. Here the screens ...

V-bug_1-2.JPG V-bug_2-2.JPG

Translated: "A required ressource is not available."

If this because the integrated V is not a full version or it is really a bug?

EDIT: And/or because I have also installed a full version of V? At least, if I change - for example - the font within full version, it changes the font for "TC-V" too ...

EDIT2: I have now created an alias "TC-v" --> "Full-V", so this is no more really a problem for me. Nevertheless it would be interesting to know the reason for this behaviour ...



PS: TC 18.00.27 x64, Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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I was wandering whether the v in tcmd was replacable with the full version too - i have both installed.
Long time ago, I had replaced the integrated V from TC manually. If I remember correctly, the replacing itself was not really difficult, but then with new updates through TC, the handling was not easy enough (for me). So I decided to leave both in original state.

My workaround to handle this is now: I include the following alias in tcstart.btm ...

alias v = "c:\Program Files\V64\v.exe"

So, the "TC-V" points always to the "Full-V".


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