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Bug: Peculiar interaction between \\wsl$\... pathname and copy command

Here is a simple demo of the incorrect behavior:
> copy \\wsl$\Ubuntu-21r10\home\larrybr\.bash_aliases \Tmp\
\\wsl$\Ubuntu-21r10\home\larrybr\.bash_aliases => C:\Tmp\.bash_aliases
TCC: (Sys) The request was aborted.
0 files copied 1 failed

I expect a copy to occur, much like this:
> xcopy \\wsl$\Ubuntu-21r10\home\larrybr\.bash_aliases \Tmp\
1 File(s) copied

Or, like this:
> type \\wsl$\Ubuntu-21r10\home\larrybr\.bash_aliases > \Tmp\.ba

I show the latter as both a work-around and to highlight the peculiarity. My latest version of TCC v26 (26.02.43 x64) has no trouble applying type or list to that object pathname. It is only the copy command that somehow chokes, apparently while actually attempting it.

I would be interested to know if this misbehavior exists in TCC 27 and 28. (It's been awhile since I upgraded.)

(Added via edit:) The \\wsl$\... name refers to a something within the filesystem maintained for a particular WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) instance. It may be necessary to enable WSL and get a distro going to repro this bug.

That also happens here with TCCv26. It does not happen with v27 or v28.

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