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WAD Looks to Me Like a Bug in @WORD

TCC(30.00.22): C:\>echo /%@word["^c",1,word0, ,word2]/
/ /

TCC(30.00.22): C:\>echo /%@word["^c",1,word0,,word2]/

The first line contains a space between the two commas; the second one does not. The function fails to recognize an empty field and returns word 2 when I want word 1. This really messed up a script that was processing a CSV file that had some empty fields.
As documented, @WORD considers a sequence of consecutive separators as one separator (there are no empty words). @FIELD will give (the empty) field 1.

v:\> echo **%@field[",",1,word0,,word2]**
Duh! Thank you, Vince. I have even made use of that difference when I have fields in a tabular text file with a variabale number of multiple spaces between the fields.

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