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The new TIMER <command> syntax works fine so long as you are using the default timer #1. It does not work well though if you specify a different timer with /2 or /3. In that case the specified timer is started and the command run, but then timer #1 is accessed and the specified timer remains running. This is with 14.0.31 under XP.

Could you add that new syntax to TIMER's syntax message?
TIMER <command> is only intended to be used with timer #1. Why would you want to use #2 or #3?
I wouldn't, really. But the help didn't say that you couldn't so I thought I try it to see what would happen. Although the help topic for TIMER shows [command] in the syntax line, there is no other mention of it in the rest of the topic. There's a brief description of the [command] syntax on the What's New page, but I think that the TIMER topic could stand an update and some clarification.


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