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Little bug, big consequences ..

Here is a TCC command that managed to escape the parser's attention:

echo %@formatn[23445534,K]

I know, a non-valid command and certainly not one you will enter every day/year (can't even recall why I did...)
Running it causes CPU and MEM to 100%, resulting in a non-responding system instead of a synatx error.
A hard reset (power off/on) was my only way out ...

Tested on TCMD 20, build 25 Win7 x64 and Win10 x64
When I try that here (Win7) any of three things might happen.

1. TCC disappears
2. I get the Windows dialog ... "TCC has stopped working ..."
3. A message box: tcc.exe - Application Error ...The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x10130dd5.

None are fatal in any way.
I should have said "Don't try this at home!" (but you're probably @work, so you're good ;-)

I did see 3. once on my Win7 system, but as it's highly tweaked, I'm not sure if this error can be accounted to TCC or my own "stupidity".
I should have said "Don't try this at home!" (but you're probably @work, so you're good ;-)
I didn't hesitate. I'd be very surprised if TCC could locked up a system that badly. I suspect you had a way out. Did you try Ctrl-Alt-Del? From there you can get to TaskMgr and kill TCC.
hahaha, I had no idea that this was the outcome :-) (Never seen one zero, though)
My initial command was way worse, btw : with a lot more digits.

It's just that I expexted an error message saying ",K" is not a valid option (or something along those lines)
As far as I'm concerned there is no fix necessary; it's not worth the trouble

Thanks for clarifying!
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