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Strange "bug"? LIST and a 3rd party program "Input Director"

I recently setup a program called "Input Director" which lets me share my keyboard and mouse between 2 computers on my desk (each with its own monitor). It's similar to programs like Barrier, Sharemouse, or Mouse Without Borders.

It works great but yesterday I ran across something very weird. I had a TCC window open on the "remote" system (the one without a keyboard/mouse) and was using LIST to look at the contents of a simple text file. What happened was that my mouse movement on that remote system became extremely slow and delayed. Like, it was tracking all the movements but was responding very slowly to it. Keyboard seemed unaffected and eventually I closed the LIST and everything went back to normal. It freaked me out at first seeing the mouse "moving on its own" (it was really just catching up with things) since my first thought was "oh no, I've been hacked" :) LOL

I tried this on another pair of computers to see if I could replicate it and sure enough, the same issue happened when I used LIST on the remote system.

Running LIST on the "local" system (the one with the keyboard/mouse attached) is fine... no issues on either system with delayed mouse movements.

I know this is kind of an edge case and it's not really something that'll come up too often but I wanted to mention it.

FYI, on the "remote" system, I'm remote desktop'd to yet another system and if I do a LIST on there it's fine, it's only when using LIST directly on that "remote" system itself that the mouse movement delays show up.

Both local and remote systems are Windows 10, 22H2. TCC is version 31.01.16 (in eval mode if it matters, since this is a test bench).

I could try older versions I suppose... I think I have my old licensed install somewhere but not on these systems. I could also try some of those other keyboard/mouse "sharing" apps to see if they experience the same issue. Input Director is the one I eventually settled on after trying the others just because it seemed to work best on my test bench. I used Barrier for a while and didn't notice this, but maybe this exact circumstance never came up. I don't use TCC on these too much so it was really just a confluence of circumstance that led me to discover this yesterday.

If I were guessing, LIST is interrupting mouse signals which interferes with how that Input Director app is reading them and relaying back and forth between the 2 computers. Something like that.
Thanks - disabling mouse wheel did in fact help. :) I'm aware of VIEW but I guess I'm just stuck in my ways. I'll have to adjust at some point but I can be stubborn. Most of the time I use Notepad++ for any real stuff but I still fall back into habit of using LIST when I just want to check something quickly in a small document.

Thanks for "pointing" me in the right direction. I admit though, I have used the mouse wheel when scrolling in LIST. Not always on purpose, but I think it's another "force of habit" thing to want to use my wheel just like in other apps. I don't think I'd miss it if I disable that in the INI.

At any rate, using TCC again for the first time in a while, I really like all the new features in v31 (I'm ashamed to admit how old the last licensed version was that I purchased... I'm going to have to upgrade). Thanks as always for all the amazing new features and support.
@rconn - is there a list of obsolete command, functions, vars, etc and what the newer replacements are?
I wonder what the definition of "obsolete" is, since LIST is useful in ways that VIEW is not. I use LIST all the time to do things that VIEW can't do. I never use VIEW.

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