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Dirname completion

I have a question regarding expansion of MD dirname<tab> not working as I have been used to.

E.g. I have a file called `LICENCE, but also need to create a directory called LICENSES.
So I thought entering MD LIC<tab> would expand to MD LICENCE as in 4NT.
And then just enter the extra 'S' to complete the new directory name. But no,
TCC 30.00.22 won't allow me.

So can this annoying feature be turned off somehow? I didn't find it in the OPTION command.
In the OPTION dialog, CommandLine tab, FilenameCompletion, Options: I have *:* . I believe that means complete all names for all command. I don't like it when filename completion tries to be smart.
Adding this for completeness;
Customizing Filename Completion in TCC
You can also use the FILECOMPLETION environment variable.

If you use both, the environment variable will override the configuration option.

You may find it useful to use the environment variable for experimenting,
then create permanent settings with the configuration dialog.

Ref: filecompcust.htm

Note also TabComplete.

Joe> You can also use the FILECOMPLETION environment variable.

Wow, thanks. That works fine.

BTW, the link you gave point to
What's that?
That link is a result of copying from the help file,
and pasting into a forum message.

That's pretty odd. What exactly did you copy from the help and how did you copy it?

Text from help filecompcust.

If you paste it into, say, Notepad or TCC, you'll just get the text. But if you paste it into a browser window, it will be pasted with the link intact. Useless, but intact.
Useless, but intact.
I'll say!

Firefox's right-click context menu has "Paste without formatting" (never noticed it before). That'll be useful when pasting from the help to the forum.

And (FWIW) that's apparently how eViewer handles navigation internally. When it's running, it's listening on localhost's port 8000.

TCP              LISTENING       8424      eViewer.exe

I wonder if there's ANY situation in which the user can capitalize on that stuff going to the clipboard.

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