"do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer"

Sep 11, 2009
Portland, Or.
I LOVE and use Take Command all the time. As an unrepentent command line user, I'd be fumbling lost if I had to rely on Windows windowing to get work done..


That subject line msg comes up at my Window 7 boot up every time. It's annoying and slows down my use. There's thousands of posts everywhere, and generally all say "Too Bad!, you're stuck with it" .. (I am not going to turn off UAC to get rid of it!)

So, at least - can someone explain WHY it's doing it and why it's needed.

Bob K.

Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
Since you're posting here, I assume that "the following program" named in the dialog box is either Take Command or TCC. Are you automatically starting it at startup, and if so, how? Through a shortcut set to "Run as administrator" perhaps?

Or perhaps you're running a .BTM script at startup (a login script, maybe; or via the Startup folder in the Start menu)?
May 29, 2008
It seems you have set the program to require elevation, so that you can use it to access anywhere, but you don't like the resulting UAC prompt when it starts. All you need to do is get Task Manager to run TCC for you (or TC). If configured correctly, it can start it on demand, elevated and without a UAC prompt.
See my posting last year at http://jpsoft.com/forums/threads/windows-7-run-tcc-as-admin-w-o-uac-intercept.3663/#post-20676

This trick starts TCC elevated when you click on the TCC icon. If instead you want to start TC with Windows, elevated, then you need to adapt the method to change Task Manager's startup conditions for the app, still asking for it to be run elevated.
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