running a program from cmdline versus in batch file

Jun 3, 2008
Temecula, CA
I have a batch (.btm) file where it does some work and then runs an executable. When it starts the program, the batch file pauses until the program exits. However, if I run that same program directly from the command line, it starts the program and immediately returns my prompt. Any idea what's going on? (The desired behavior is that starting the program in the batch file would immediately resume operation within the batch file.)

In case it matters, the program is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio\OEM\Creator Classic 12\Creator12OEM.exe". No command line parameters, no 'start' in front of it, or any other funny business.

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
To start an application without pausing the batch file, use the START command. There's an .INI directive if you want to make the command line work the same as batch files in this respect -- see HELP WAITING -- but you probably don't really want that.