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Does NETMONITOR monitor VPNs?

(Inspired by Steve's thread about wanting to catch a network disconnect)

Does NETMONITOR monitor VPNs?

I tried:
v:\> netmonitor * disconnected forever echo disconnected
v:\> netmonitor
*  disconnected  (0/FOREVER)  echo disconnected
and then disconnected a VPN. The command wasn't executed.
It does work when I use "WAN" instead of "*".

And it does not work if I use "LuckyVPN" as the name. "LuckyVPN" is the windows name of my VPN connection.
As possible suggestions for a future version:

NETMONITOR [/P] host_name
This would use ping to monitor a specific host access

NETMONITOR [/S] share_name
This would monitor file share access (a direxist monitor would be less comprehensive than foldermonitor)

Access to a specific host (via ping or file share) within a VPN would allow it to monitor that VPN. I had originally written this ping/monitor functionality as a .btm, but it used too much CPU to run as a continually evaluated batch file. So, I rewrote it in C#. But, it would likely use less CPU also if it ran as a single command within TCC.
No. Specifying WAN just means "a connection that's not a LAN". You cannot monitor a specific VPN. (If NETMONITOR could do that, I would have documented it!)
How do you use wildcards in the name? Apparently, you won't get "WAN or LAN or ..." if you use "*".

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