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Fresh instance of TCMD does not use TCMD.INI

... when the installer launches the program at the end.

Its fine after a restart. But, why end the installer like this? If you can't start TC with the right config I would strongly suggest not offering to start it.

Regards, DJ
C:\...\prj :-) >echo "%_ininame"
"C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command 20.0\TCMD.INI"

C:\...\prj :-) >
Yes, I have only 1 configuration. As show above both name and location are default.

Perhaps I was a little short on context in my original question. Sorry.

What I saw was, when the installer showed me the final screen and I ticked "Run TakeCommand", installer exited and TCMD was started but the TCStart that my TCMD.INI points to was not executed. Perhaps I jumped to conclusions, but that led me to think that the command to run TCMD in the installer was intensionally setup to ignore either the ini-file or the startup batches.

So let me rephrase my original observation that: (at least in my case) "the fresh instance of TCMD started by the installer did not run TCStart or TCexit although an immediate subsequent restart using my usual hyperlink proved that TCMD.INI and both startup batches were still setup correctly."
That is not reproducible here. The installer starts TCMD with no options (forcing the default values); assuming when you start TCMD again you're also not passing any options, it should be identical. (And also assuming you have an existing TCMD.INI, so what you're seeing is not that TCMD is creating a default TCMD.INI when the first instance exits.)

When you did the "echo %_ininame", was that in the installer-started TCMD instance, or the subsequent instance?
The echo was - as I wrote earlier - after using my usual link which doesn't use any parameters because I never use non-default ini-files. So the link worked as usual wheras the instance the installer launched apparently failed to find any TCMD.INI.

Never mind. From your last reply I now know that at least it is not by design. It is an event that I cannot reproduce because I did not make a full image backup before installing TC 20. Let's put it off as "unexplained aberrant behaviour due to user <insert any attribute here>".

Regards, DJ.

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