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Does removing a registered TCMD lower the number registrations used?

I am about to upgrade from XP to Win7 and have uninstalled all JPSoft software - sicne I will be installing new on the new desktop. Does this mean that the number of active registrations is lowered for each uninstall?

Just wondering....
No. We used to do that, but we found that most of the time when somebody uninstalled, they were planning an immediate reinstall. At which point they'd discover they had lost the email with their registration key. So we got lots of support emails requesting a replacement key. Lots and lots and lots of emails -- often 100+ per week. Since changing it to require resets on our end, the emails have dropped to < 10 per week.

(On a related note, we used to have an "Unregister" button in the dialog. It turned out that like a "wet paint" sign, users were unable to resist clicking it to see what would happen. And discover they had lost their registration email. Request replacement registration key. Click button again to see if the first time was a fluke ...)
I still use v8-15; If a reinstall and registration fails then I would need to email you off forum to ask you to reset the registration counts for me?
Then what what about a registration for versions before 12 occur?

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