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How to? Start TCMD with different configurations

Hello there,

I could not find a solution in the forum or helpfile.
I would like to have two shortcuts to Take Command on the desktop. One should start Take Command with normal TCMD.ini and tcstart, e.g. for computer maintenance. The other shortcut should also start TCMD, but the TCC inside should execute an additional batchfile (additional to tcstart) where the development environment is set up. Why would I want this? The dev environment calls vcvarsall which takes about 2 sec on my machine and I want this extra delay only when I want to build from the commandline.
I have tried the "//directive=value" in the shortcut to set a different TCStartPath (and have a second tcstart call the dev setup), but this option is for TCMD and not TCC which would need this option.
I´m sure there is an elegant solution for this.

Thank you for your help
Best regards
There are almost certain other ways to get this done, but I got this one working:

tcmd.exe /T tcc.exe /k c:\Temp\ff\Matrix\matrix.btm

Meaning: Start tcmd with an extra tab (/T) and run "tcc.exe /k c:\Temp\ff\Matrix\matrix.btm" in this tab
tcc.exe /k c:\Temp\ff\Matrix\matrix.btm means:
Start tcc.exe and execute the command "...matrix.btm". Leave TCC opened after executing the command (that's the /K)
See the "/T" start-up option. This command in a shortcut worked for me:
G:\tc20\tcmd.exe /t g:\tc20\tcc.exe l:\VS10\vc\bin\vcvars32.bat
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