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Fixed Escaping out of SELECT sometimes still executes the command

So I'm finally getting a chance to drive v15 and recently encountered something anomalous.

If I select one or more files in SELECT and then decide to cancel the entire operation by pressing Esc, the command is executed on the selected files anyway, exactly as if I had pressed Enter rather than Esc. If I first deselect all previously selected files prior to pressing Esc, the command is never executed (as expected). The command being executed despite my pressing Esc seems to happen only when one or more files is/are previously selected in the list prior to escaping from it. This happens with 100% consistency.

I'm about as certain as I can be that this is not due to any strange behavior from my keyboard or anything whatsoever to do with TCC's configuration, although I can't completely rule out either as an outside possibility. I was, however, able to confirm that in an instance of TCC v12 with the identical configuration on this same machine, Esc behaves the way in SELECT that I've always known and expected it to since the days of 4DOS. (Sorry, I've never had an opportunity to try v13 or v14.)

I hope others can confirm this phenomenon in their copies of v15 since I have no idea what could be responsible for this in mine. I can certainly limp around this but I don't relish having to retrain my mind to make sure SELECT's list is always completely clear before pressing Esc. If this is indeed a bug in the latest versions/builds, it has the potential to be a pretty serious one. I was lucky that the files that got unexpectedly deleted when I first noticed this weren't critical ones.

Before I'm asked: TCC 15.01.49 x64 (and numerous previous builds) on Windows 7 x64 Home Premium (6.1.7601)

-- Dan McMullin​
I believe that I am seeing the same phenomenon. If it is WAD then it's certainly not what I expected. ;)

TCC  15.01.49 x64  Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Confirmed as fixed for me. Many thanks (as always) for your excellent responsiveness, Rex. As the Stooges would have said, "Super service!"
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