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February Plugins

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
A bunch of updates this month:

SafeChars plugin v1.6.4
Fix for SAFEECHO / SAFEECHOS stripping leading whitespace from text

PrinterStuff plugin v0.65.0
One new command PRINTERDATA to allow saving/restoring printer settings, e.g. paper trays, duplexing, secured/locked printing, etc. ADDPRINTER now can restore some of this data when creating a new printer.

UIStuff plugin v0.54.5
One new command MKSC and one new function @SCINFO to work with shortcut files.

MkVer plugin v0.92.1
From an idea by Jim Millard; provides an easy way to "versionize" a filename by inserting a serial number.

FixNames plugin v0.21.0
Minor tweak to allow expanding =XX (where XX is two hex digits) into the corresponding character; added Windows-1252 support.

Sift plugin v0.56.0
Added /C: to set the character separating date from time, and /NJ to prevent recursion into junctions.

The complete list of my plugins is here: http://www.unm.edu/~cdye/plugins/index.html
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