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Fixed FOR command not enumerating subdirectories in v25

Hello !

I've updated to Take Command v25 from v22, and the behaviour of the FOR command with the /a:d option seems to have either changed or is broken.

In v22, the following command will list the names of all of the subdirectories within the current directory:

for /a:d %a in (*.*) do echo %a

In v25, nothing is listed.

Is this an intentional change - I could not see a reference to it in the release notes for versions 23 through 25 - or is this not working as intended?

I know that I can achieve the same results with "FOR /d" but I have used "FOR /a:d" in numerous scripts, so thought I would see if this is a bug before I change anything.

Thanks in anticipation!

Hello Rex!

I've downloaded Take Command v25 build 15, but the Setup executable that is served from your website is still build 14.

Try to reload the site with download without cache and re-download the file (I have this too sometimes) ...
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