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List windows with titles matching given pattern?

ACTIVATE is usable for what I need to do, but not particularly helpful when I have to deal with multiple open windows with matching titles.
Is there a way to get the list of matching windows I could then feed to ACTIVATE ?
I don't think there's a built in way to do that.

Until your query, WHICHWIN (from my SYSUTILS plugin) could filter using a case-insensitive substring match on the window title. I changed that to a wildcard match (easy, and more robust). Below are two examples (I think the first is what you want) followed by WHICHWIN's syntax.
v:\> whichwin /t ??.??.??* /f t
23.00.28  [3180]  v:\
12.11.76  [3652]  v:\
16.03.55  [3684]  v:\

v:\> whichwin /t ??.??.??*
Handle:  0x006B0774
Process: 3180
Module:  G:\TC23\TCC.EXE
Class:   ConsoleWindowClass
Title:   23.00.28  [3180]  v:\
Enabled: Yes
Visible: Yes
Show:    NORMAL
LTRB:    1280 0 2565 987

Handle:  0x00320734
Process: 3652
Module:  G:\tc12\tcc.exe
Class:   ConsoleWindowClass
Title:   12.11.76  [3652]  v:\
Enabled: Yes
Visible: Yes
Show:    NORMAL
LTRB:    131 133 1168 896

Handle:  0x00440816
Process: 3684
Module:  G:\tc16\tcc.exe
Class:   ConsoleWindowClass
Title:   16.03.55  [3684]  v:\
Enabled: Yes
Visible: Yes
Show:    NORMAL
LTRB:    135 45 1272 896

3 windows found / 206 windows processed

v:\> whichwin /?
WHICHWIN: find windows and show their properties; options:

  /F format_elements (lowercase supresses description)

     elements:  H(andle)  P(rocess)  C(lass)   M(odule file name)
                T(itle)   V(isible)  S(how)    L(TRB normal)
                I(ndex)   D (thread) B(lank)   E(nabled)
                N(umber found/processed)

     default:   HPMCTEVSLBN

  /R            recurse (do child windows)
  /nnn          maximum number of windows to return


  /E | /D       enabled | disabled windows only
  /V | /I       visible | invisible windows only
  /P pid        decimal or hex prefixed with "0x"
  /M module     wildcard match on fully-qualified name
  /C class      wildcard match on class name
  /T title      wildcard match on caption
                "quote" strings containing spaces

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