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WAD mouse slowdown when using list

TCC 29.00.17 x64 (sorry haven't tried 30 yet)

I started using the internal list command because it actually renders ANSI color which is really nice! Yay!

But oh no! Lots of mouse lag. Felt like the 386/486 IRQ-conflict days. I was surprised to find an internal command to be the culprit for mouse slowdown, but it's consistent.

For what it's worth, it happens whether the file has ansi color in it or not. (I stripped the ANSI and re-checked, just to make sure.)

I actually haven't experienced mouse lag like this on this computer before, except when my CPU is maxed out. (It's a 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X so that rarely happens). However, that is definitely not the case right now. CPU usage is still 3-6% but that mouse lag is consistent if the list command is run.

[ I do run TCC in Windows Terminal now. ]
This is a Windows Terminal bug (feature?).

Run the OPTION command, go to the Startup page, and uncheck "MouseWheel support in LIST".

Note: LIST is obsolete and deprecated. It was replaced years ago by the much more capable VIEW command.

Wow Rexx, you are ON IT, thank you!!!

Honestly, I like list better for the situations i'm accustomed to want to use it in.
View is a bright color scheme (want dark mode, maybe there is one and i missed it), and list keeps it dark and immediately lets me use my left and right arrow keys to move over for wide text which is the main situation i seem to use list for.....

Has this bug been reported to Windows Terminal? They have an amazing team right now who is super receptive to things, I dunno if you saw the thread where they were discussing how to detect TCC's cls.......... I bet they would fix it but I also get how it's not your circus not your monkeys, but i also don't think any one else could really correctly report it convincingly....
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