Minor Cosmetic Issue in Take Command Window

Apr 18, 2014
TCC  17.00.52 x64   Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
TCC Build 52   Windows 7 Build 7601  Service Pack 1

In the Take Command HELP Ribbon, the leftmost three items (Contents, Search and Index) are in a section labelled "Online Help". They actually open the local help file that's installed with TCMD, not the online help on the JP Software website.
Apr 18, 2014

1) Not necessarily (if you have web help enabled in TCMD), and
2) The generic term in Windows for the .chm / html help is "online help". (And 4DOS / 4NT / TCMD / TCC has been using that term for 25 years.)

1) Good point, I'd missed that config option.
2) Yeah, it's an overloaded term nowadays, another old Windows convention overtaken by events. No worries.
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