A couple of minor issues with new forum.

May 20, 2009
I see that there is a new forum, and I have a couple of minor issues.
I see that some messages are marked as "posted 20 minutes ago", and I really do not like this setting, I like much better if the display is "posted at date+time". Is it possible for You to change this setting?
Also, I had to login again. The issue is that generally I do not remember my username (every site has different settings) nor my password, so I rely on the browser to do the autocomplete job for both. With the new forum the autocomplete/password memory was lost, so I had to look for information that I had stored somewhere. So, I found that I might have many accounts in this forum: "Rodolfo" (that I am using now), "RodolfoGiovanninetti" (without space), "Rodolfo Giovanninetti" (with space). Right now, I see as new messages that I am sure I read yesterday. Can You help me?
As I said, only a couple of minor issues.

Thank You very much again and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti


Staff member
May 14, 2008
The browser autocomplete is out of my hands. It's a completely different forum setup, and the browser is not going to recognize the new page and do the autocomplete.

Because it's new forum software & database, there's no way for it to know what you've read and what you haven't on the old system. (It's fairly miraculous that it managed to import the messages and your user info!) If it doesn't remember going forward, let me know.

I don't expect to have everything configured for another day or two (such as the style & colors), so there are still some substantial changes coming.
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
I see that some messages are marked as "posted 20 minutes ago", and I really do not like this setting, I like much better if the display is "posted at date+time".
Looks like this is only for recent postings. As the posts get older, they actually show the specifics. If it turns out not to be a changeable setting by Rex, you could run Privoxy to modify the page on the fly before it displays to you. I do this for a lot of pages that aren't up to what I like to see. I'd rather use Greasemonkey/Userscripts, but I'm still working on figuring that out. I pulled this from the page source, so it is modifiable.
    cancel: "Cancel",
    a_moment_ago:    "A moment ago",
    one_minute_ago:  "1 minute ago",
    x_minutes_ago:  "%minutes% minutes ago",
    today_at_x:      "Today at %time%",
    yesterday_at_x:  "Yesterday at %time%",
    day_x_at_time_y: "%day% at %time%",
    day0: "Sunday",
    day1: "Monday",
    day2: "Tuesday",
    day3: "Wednesday",
    day4: "Thursday",
    day5: "Friday",
    day6: "Saturday",
    _months: "January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December",
    _daysShort: "Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat",
    following_error_occurred: "The following error occurred",
    server_did_not_respond_in_time_try_again: "The server did not respond in time. Please try again.",
    logging_in: "Logging in",
    click_image_show_full_size_version: "Click this image to show the full-size version.",
    show_hidden_content_by_x: "Show hidden content by {names}"
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