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Issue With Pasting ClipX Clipboard Items into TCMD

I've encountered this problem for years and finally decided that I should ask/report about it.

I use the ClipX clipboard history manager. It saves a history of clipboard entries and allows them to be recalled and pasted. (It also can be configured with some standard snippets for constant, quick access.)

When I paste from ClipX, everything works fine in every application I use except for TCMD, where 'v' appears instead of the specified clipboard entry. I can delete the 'v' and then use Ctrl-V to paste the material from the Windows clipboard, to which it was restored. ClipX works fine with a detached TCC window but not with TCC in a TCMD tab.

It would be really nice if TCMD could be made to work with ClipX.
I've noticed similar behavior with other apps.
Namely, Punto Switcher sometimes does that for clipboard conversion.
This seems to be a bad interaction between clipboard manager and target app. Manager tries to send "Ctrl+V" but modifier gets lost somewhere.

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