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How to? Path Changes

I am running TCMD 18.00.32 x64 on Windows 7

Simple description: TCMD/TCC does not see changes I make to the PATH even after I stop TCMD and restart it. I change the PATH via control panel->System Properties

Detailed description:
1) I stop all instances of TCMD/TCC.
2) I change the path as described above. For example I add "c:\;" to the start of the path.
3) I start TCMD/TCC and type in "path". My change is not displayed.
4) I run "cmd" and type in "path". My change is displayed.
5) I run "regedit" and go to "
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment"
The change is set there.
5) If I log out of my windows session and log back in TCMD/TCC DOES display my change.

So: Is there away other than logging out and back in to make TCMD/TCC see changes I make to the path environment variable.
Are you by any chance doing anything to the PATH variable in your TCSTART file?
It all depends on how you are starting TCMD/TCC after the environment change. If you're using Explorer, TCMD/TCC should get the updated environment (because Explorer, and very few other apps, updates its own environment upon a system change). But if you're using some other app which has not updated it's environment to start TCMD/TCC, then TCMD/TCC will inherit the (un-updated) environment of that app.

P.S., Bottom line: Processes inherit the environment of their parent process.

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