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How to? Changes to Options Don't Save

I have a licensed copy of TCM/TCC 20.00.16 x64. When I modify the TCC or TCM settings through the options menu, click save, log-off, then log back in, the settings have all gone back to default. In other words, my changes aren't saving.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

With "log-off" and "log-on" I assume you mean that you exit the program and restart it again.

After making your changes in the options dialogs, if you choose [Apply] then the changes you made will last for the session only. If you choose [OK] they will persist across sessions. This is by design.

Regards, DJ.
Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, clicking OK, rather than Apply, makes no difference. Indeed, the settings don't even take hold for the session I'm in. (Oh, yes, I meant exit and restart.) For example, I just now used the Options menu item, TCC options, to change the input/output colors. I click OK and not only do the colors not change, but when I reopen the options menu, none of my changes are there.

Something just ain't right.

To change settings for the current shell, use the OPTION command. If you go through Take Command's GUI menu, you're changing settings for new shells, not the current instance.
Thanks Charles. From my OP, you might notice that after clicking OK on the options menu, I exit TCM, then restart it. So, either way, still no joy. Also, the changes I'm making, I've been making since 4DOS, about a thousand years ago (in computer years). I'm not trying to do anything outlandish, the biggest things being the search level (3), notepad++ as the editor, and changing the background, foreground, and error message colors.

I would check that both Take Command and TCC are using the same .INI file. (If you look at the title bar for the options dialog, it gives the full pathname of the .INI file.)
If you change the input/output foreground colours, you also have to change tthe background colours (away from default)

Had the same problem: settings didn't "stick" until I changed the background colours too.
Thanks to all for the input.
To MaartenG, I do change both the background and foreground colors, along with some other settings that I've changed since 4DOS days.
To Rex: Yep! I didn't move TCMD.INI, but I didn't have write authority to C:\ProgramData\JP Soft... I am probably misremembering, but I kept thinking TCMD.INI, and Jsptree (whatever the name) were in AppData. I didn't actually look for TCMD.INI, I just made the whole directory writeable, and still couldn't save changes. Then, using Charles's suggestion, I checked out where the two dialogs were writing to: ProgramData.

Problem solved!

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