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How to? query about CDD

I need some assistance with how to do the following please. I have done a CDD /S so the jpstree.idx is fully updated. Then I use another program (windows explorer, etc) to delete a folder. I then try to switcvh to that non-exisatant folder then of course TCC/TCMD can not switch to that folder. How can I, in this case, automatically have the jpstree.idx updated? I guess it would be something with POST_EXEC but am unsure of how to do this. And I mean to call CDD /D <folder to remove> ...

Thanks in advance.
The only thing I know of that you could do in TCC is to use the FOLDERMONITOR command. I suspect a single FOLDERMONITOR thread can monitor only a single disk volume (actually a single directory tree, which can be the root of a volume) but it can detect any action in the tree that would warrant updating the index file (new directory creation and renaming in addition to directory deletion). I have no idea of the performance penalty it might cause - probably less significant than trouble you are having.

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