Question about the Touch command

Dec 26, 2009
No where
Stand-alone TCC v21.01.58 on Windows 10. Something weird happened last night. I wanted to change the date on a file, so I used the command:

touch /d3-27-2016 filename.txt

Since I didn't specify a time (didn't care about the time), it should have used the current time, which on my computer was 11:20pm. After running the command I noticed that it set the file timestamp to 3-28-2016 12:20am -- 1 hour ahead of what it should have done.

In order to get the file date I wanted I had to use touch /d3-26-2016 filename.txt which then resulted in a file date of 3-27-2016.

Not really a problem. But weird. It's almost like touch is using its own clock that is still on daylight savings time.

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