Updating from TC 9 to TC 17 - TCTOOLBAR question

May 21, 2008
In TCMD 9, I have a startup .btm that sets up my aliases and configures the toolbar depending on the software installed. (I use it at work and at home.)

The first toolbar command it does is

*TCTOOLBAR 1,1,,IrfanView,,esc "@irfan" enter

Where irfan is an alias : "C:\bin\IrfanView\i_view32.exe"

Entering that command in v17.00.64 x64 causes TCMD to vanish. (TCC is still running detached.)

I look at the help and it seems that what has changed is that now there is an initial "tab" argument.

I try: *TCTOOLBAR 1 1,1,,IrfanView,,esc "@irfan" enter
and TCMD vanishes.

The help page seems confused whether the flag should be 257 or 1 to be in the current window.

I try creating that same button using Options/TabbedToolbar/AddButton, and I get a greyed out button with a label of "IrfanView" and hover text of "esc "@irfan" enter", but I cannot click it.

Also, when I first start TCMD, if I do a Tabs/AttachTabs, the list shows "TCC Prompt", but if I select it, I get:

Take Command 17.0
The handle is invalid.



Staff member
May 14, 2008
Your first example:

1,1,,IrfanView,,esc "@irfan" enter

Is setting the button to #1, flags to 1 (which sends the string to the active tab), no icon, the button label to "IrfanView", the tab title to nothing, the startup directory to "esc "@irfan" enter" (which isn't going to work very well), and the command to nothing.

Assuming you don't want to set the label or startup directory, you need another ',' before the command:

1,1,,IrfanView,,,esc "@irfan" enter

In build 66 (which will be uploaded today) I have fixed the TCMD crash when passing bad parameters.
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